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"JoAnn Sky has written a moving romantic story. I was impressed by the intensity of every single feeling she writes about and she kept surprising me with unexpected twists and turns." ~ Suze (With Love for Books)

"No Cowboy Required was such a heartwarming story filled with small town charm... On top of all of the emotions, I loved how everything was so easy to visualize."  ~ Jen, Star-Crossed Book Blog (Goodreads)

"It's a wonderful story about falling back in love with the ranch, Noah and JJ. It melts your heart." ~ Patty D. (Goodreads)

"I like the theme of this story. Autism doesn't very often appear in novels and this one projects the main aspects of one of the autistic spectrums... This story really pulled at my heartstrings." ~ Brigitte (Goodreads)

"This is a really good story with engaging characters and well-developed world building too. Noah and Grace are a couple with past history, and some deeply buried feelings and frustration make for an interesting and banter filled read." ~ Karen R. (Goodreads)

"No Cowboy Required makes small town a big deal. JoAnn Sky proves no matter how far you run, your heart's memories are never far behind." ~ Isha C. (I Love Romance blog)

But my favorite part was the topic she wrote about with such amazing grace, the stepbrother. It was amazing & realistic, and if you want more, then you will have to read this No Cowboy Required for yourselves! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! ~ Jennifer P., Goodreads