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“SANTA’S DOG celebrates two of my favorite themes, Christmas and Shelter Dogs, with a beautiful and touching tale. Can’t wait to read it to my grandkids.” – Dan Walsh, bestselling author of 20 novels, including Rescuing Finley, Saving Parker, and The Reunion

“Give a dog a loving home and you will be repaid a thousand-fold in ways you never expected. SANTA’S DOG captures the essence of the ‘rescue’ experience in a way children of all ages will appreciate.” – Peter Zheutlin, New York Times bestselling author of Rescue Road

“SANTA’S DOG is a charming, uplifting tale that children will absolutely adore!” – Jennifer Probst, New York Times bestselling author


“Should [Lance] return to Santa or stay with his new family? Sky handles this struggle deftly, giving Lance’s decision a satisfying resolution that’s filled with love. A sweet, powerful Christmas story." – Kirkus Reviews   CLICK HERE to read the full review!

"A short story that will warm your heart and children will love." – Once Upon a Book    Blog(ger)  CLICK HERE to read the full review!

“A compelling plot that invites discussion and introspection, making for a charming story on many levels.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review