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An Exchange Student's Guide to Love and Legends

Book One: An Exchange Student's Guide Series


Travel far. Love Big. Save the World.

AN EXCHANGE STUDENT'S GUIDE TO LOVE AND LEGENDS is a contemporary Young Adult romance interwoven with Central American folklore. When seventeen-year-old Alyona Roseto arrives in Costa Rica for a six-week study abroad, she finds her overbearing and infuriatingly sexy new neighbor, Diego, has been tasked with watching over her. She thinks things can’t get worse. She’s wrong.

Bucking Diego’s warning, Aly accepts a dije (charm) from an old village woman—and inadvertently brings alive a Maleku Indian jungle legend. Though Diego, the ultimate realist, claims that only a wacko gringa would think the folktale is for real. As Aly and Diego develop more than neighborly feelings for each other, Aly must decide if keeping her word to the old woman to safeguard the dije is worth not only risking her budding relationship with Diego, but taking on the legend’s evil goddess bent on world destruction. Seriously, none of this was covered in the exchange student handbook.

AN EXCHANGE STUDENT'S GUIDE TO LOVE AND LEGENDS was a finalist in the 2014 Golden Heart® Awards, Young Adult category.